Coupon Codes

What is a coupon code?

Coupon codes are the easiest way to save money on products and services you love or need. They are an alphanumeric code that you must paste or write down at the correct field on the checkout page of an e-commerce site. Applying a coupon code will grant you a certain discount over the price of your whole purchase, or a specific product or category.

How do I use a coupon code?

Using a coupon code is very easy. All you need to do is click the “Get coupon” button next to an offer you’d like to use on Oony’s listing. This will open up a popup window where you will find the alphanumeric code you need. Write it down, or copy it to your clipboard, and paste it at the Coupon code field (also labelled “promotional code”, “discount code”, “promo code”, or “voucher code” on certain cases) on the checkout page of the online store you are purchasing your product from. This will grant you the correct discount, and allow you to spend less on all kinds of amazing things.

Why is it that when I click on some coupons a window pops up saying no coupon code is required?

Sometimes online stores and shopping sites don’t require you to actually enter a coupon code for you to get a special price. In those cases, all you need to do is get to the right product through Oony’s link. All you have to do in those cases is click the “Get coupon” button in the offer you’d like to use on Oony’s listing and you will be taken straight to the offer. Alternatively, a Pop up window will inform you no code is required. In those cases just click on the “Go to site” button, and you will be taken straight to the product, service, or offer.

A coupon on Oony is not working, or is taking me to an Error window, what’s going on?

First of all, our most sincere apologies. While we work hard to check out every single coupon and deal submitted to our site, on some rare opportunities a few discounts will not work. In some cases, merchants won’t allow offers to be piled up, so if your coupon isn’t working, please check that you are not using another offer or promotional code already. If you checked this and the offer is still not working the best thing you can do is help us and the community out by downvoting that offer, deal, or coupon with the thumbs down button located at its right. Oony and its partners are not responsible for the accuracy of the content submitted by users to the site.

What is a deal?

Deals are great savings opportunities in specific products or services, offered with a discount. Unlike coupon codes, deals apply only to the announced product, rather than to a whole category or your whole purchase at a certain store.

How do I use a deal?

Grabbing a deal is very easy. All you must do is click on the offer’s title, and you will be redirected to the right page where you can purchase it at the advertised price. Additionally, a pop up window will open on a different tab on your browser where you will get a few details on the deal, and a button that will direct you straight to it.

What do the stars and percent success on coupons and deals indicate?

Oony is made up of a big community of savvy consumers and savings enthusiasts. As such, we rely on each other to learn what coupons and savings work best. The stars and success percent show how many times a certain offer has produced good results for the people who have used it and then rated it using the ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ buttons. When an offer says “0% success” and all stars are shown in gray, that means that no one has rated the deal yet, so don’t be shy and be the first to do it!

I bought a product using a coupon code or deal I found at Oony and I’m having a problem, who should I contact?

We are sorry to hear you are going through a bad experience. However, you must always contact the store you purchased the product from. Oony just gathers and recommends great savings opportunities, but is in no way related to any store, or responsible for the transactions that occur over there, so there’s not much we can do =(

Do I have to pay anything to use Oony, or the coupons or deals listed on the site?

Absolutely not. Oony is 100% free.

Submitting Discounts and Coupons

How do I submit a coupon code or deal to Oony?

Submitting discounts to Oony’s is very simple. Just use the green box labeled “Share discounts” on the page belonging to the store where that discount would belong (eg Walmart). All you must do is add a description for the offer, enter the discount code (if available) and click on the “Submit” button. If you wish to add more discounts, or provide further details, click on the “Share discounts for other stores” link below the submit button, and you will be taken to a page where you can add all the necessary information to have the new discount featured at Oony. If you wish to submit a new discount now, please click here

I have just submitted a discount, and I can’t find it. What’s going on?

First of all, thanks for sharing a discount with our community. We really appreciate your effort! However, you may take some time to find your new discount. We care a lot about giving great value to our users, so we verify every new discount submitted by our users. So don’t worry and relax, the discount you submitted will be evaluated and, if it works, published. This whole process usually takes a few hours.

I wish to submit a discount, but I can’t find the right store at Oony. Can you create it?

Sometimes we don’t have the right store because we are lacking a good offer to go with it. If you think you have a great deal or coupon code for a store we do not have, please go through the regular discount submission process, and our team will consider whether to add that store in order to feature your offer. If you wish to submit a new discount now, please click here

Your Oony Account

How do I sign up?

Signing up is very easy. Just click on the Sign Up link on the top bar, enter your e-mail address, and click on the “sign up” button. This will take you to a different window where you will have to choose a password. Please remember to choose a safe word only you know, and not to share it with anyone else. On the next step you may complete your profile, by providing your name, your gender, and by picking what newsletters you wish to receive. Please remember that the most information you provide, the better job we’ll do in order to recommend you great coupon codes, discounts, and deals to help you spend less on all kinds of things. If you wish to sign up now, please click here

Do I have to sign up to use Oony’s coupons and deals?

Not at all. Anyone can search, browse, and use any of the coupon codes and deals featured at Oony, even if they are not signed up. However, we encourage you to sign up in order to improve your experience at the site, and to be able to send you amazing offers to your inbox that will help you spend less on products and services you love and need.

I already have an account. How do I sign in?

Signing in is very easy. Just click on the “Login” link at the top bar and enter your e-mail and password, and then click on the “Log In” button.

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

We’ve all been there at some point of our lives, haven’t we? Fortunately, recovering your password is very simple. Just click on the “Forgot your password?” link below the “Log In” button on the Login window. This will take you to a new window where you just have to enter the e-mail address you signed up with. In just a few seconds, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to set up a new password. If you can’t find the e-mail please check on your Spam folder. If you wish to recover your password, please click here

How do I edit my account details?

Editing your account details is very easy. Once you are logged in, click on the “Your account” link located at the top bar. This will take you to a window where you can change your name, password, gender, and e-mail subscription preferences. Please remember to click on the “Save” button at the bottom whenever you make any changes.

How do I delete my account?

We’d hate to see you go. But if you have made up your mind and there’s nothing we can do, you can contact us at and we’ll delete all traces of your account in no time.

How does Oony manage my information?

We don’t share your information with third parties, and we do all in our power to guarantee your personal data is protected and safe. Learn more about the way we handle your information by reading our Privacy Policy


Why should I subscribe to Oony’s newsletter?

Oony is the ultimate source for coupons and deals that will help you spend less on your everyday shopping, and on special purchases like electronics and vacation trips. Every day, we gather the best savings opportunities and send them to you in the form of a very simple e-mail. Being subscribed to our newsletter is a great way to get the latest discounts straight into your inbox. If you also sign up to Oony, you will have to opportunity to improve the discounts you get by providing some information about you, and by selecting what discount categories you wish to receive.

How do I subscribe to Oony’s newsletter?

That is a smart idea. Subscribing to our newsletter will get the best coupons and deals straight into your inbox. To do so, just scroll down to the footer of the site and enter your E-mail address on the field labeled subscribed to Oony. If you wish to subscribe to our travel, fashion, and other specific newsletters, please sign up to Oony and manage your subscriptions on the “Your account” section.

How do I unsubscribe to Oony’s newsletter?

Unsubscribing to our newsletter is very simple. At the bottom of all of Oony’s e-mails you will find an “unsubscribe” link. Just click on it and follow the instructions. Additionally, if you have signed up to the site, you may log in and visit the Your Account page, located at the right of the top bar, in order to manage your newsletter subscriptions.