It's time to say goodbye.

In 2010 we started Oony, with the mission of bringing the best deals for products and services to you.

It was a though challenge, a very educational one nonetheless. We had to deal with many ups and downs during the making but against all odds we managed to create a service with presence in 15 different countries, 1 million users and more than 150 million deals featured during the lifetime of the project.

We all grew more experienced, not only at creating a tech company but also as persons.

It's not easy to put in a few words how many years of hard work come to an end, indeed is a complex task, but basically we worked ourselves to the point of exhaustion, struggled to raise money and just ran out of time and energy.

Although we would have like to have gone farther, we are proud of our team, the support of our investors and the product we created for our users.

We are happy to have had Enzyme VC as investors in our company, they trusted us at a very early stage and we are glad to be part of the first batch of NXTP Labs incubator program that helped us many times along the way.

Lastly, to keep up on what we are doing next or if want to have a coffee to talk about life & tech, please feel free to connect with us :)